Mounting instruction

No required special tools to install Split-core CT, JS series. To connect Split-core CT to the meter correctly, Please refer to the followings.

No required special tools to install Split-core CT, JS series. To connect Split-core CT to the meter correctly, Please refer to the followings.

1. Make sure that safe & proper working circumstance to install Split-core CT.
2. Find the correct direction of the power ow. The primary current of conductor should be passed to P1 at rst.
For the correct mounting, please refer to the label attached (P1 → P2) and the installation picture.
3. Use the cable ties for xing Split-core CT to prevent the moving from the conductor. (Installation picture)
4. Connect the secondary leads to the meter. The secondary current from Split-core CT should be owed to the meter through S1. 5. Close Split-core CT after checking if the installation is made rmly. You can hear ‘click’ if CT has been closed completely.

1. Before closing Split-core CT, please re-check the connection of CT and the meter.
It is possible to damage the meter by the instantaneous overvoltage from the secondary leads.
Even though overvoltage protection circuit is built in Split-core CT inside, however, it recommends to close CT after connecting it to the meter for safety.
2. To measure precisely, it is recommendable to use as secondary leads of AWG18 twisted wire with a short distance from a meter as possible as you can.

Wiring Diagram

Precautions for the Warranty of Quality

• Split-core CT must be handled with care.
• A damage caused from the careless handling is not be covered by warranty.
• The product is designed to meet operating environments de ned by the industrial standard IP20. • Be careful to install the product with the correct polarity.
• Do not install the product if an application exceed the speci cations of the product.
• Recommended to use the terminals speci ed by J&D.

Check Point for the Accurate Measurement

• Protection circuit built in inside of the product for user safety.
• An additional external protection circuit could be impacted on the feature.
• The product is designed for measuring sinusoidal 50/60Hz of primary current.
• Be aware that it is possible to occur the signi cant error if it is used to measure non-sinusoidal.
• Use Split-core CT with proper diameter to t the conductor, otherwise it may cause the ratio error and the phase shift. • Be careful to install Split-core CT without any pollutions on the core surfaces.
• The pollutions such as moisture, dust and rusty can be caused the error.
• After removing the pollutions, it is recommended to use WD-40 or CRC5-56 on the core surfaces.
• Check whether the secondary leads is connected correctly or not.
• If the connection is not correct, the secondary output could be lower than the expected one.

Remarks for the Customized Products

• Please provide the technical requirements for a technical evaluation.
• The color of housing is changeable upon the customer’s requirements. • The leads can be mounted on the terminals by J&D.
• A protective custom-built housing is available.