JRF MOI XXXXPU-80,115 Series Rogowski Coil
JRF MOI XXXXPU-80,115 Series Rogowski Coil_how_to_use


• Revenue-Grade distribution transformer monitoring
• Energy sub-meters
• Power meters
• Power quality monitoring
• Condition monitoring
• Distributed measurement systems


• AC current probe
• Flexible and lightweight
• Easy & quick installation on uninterruptible power lines
• Insulation CATHI 1,000V AC, IV 600V AC.
• Accuracy Class 0.5/1.0 complying with IEC61869-2, ANSI C57.13
• In progress of certification for & CE complying with IEC61010-1
• IP65, IP67, IP68 (International Protection code)
• Several size are available from coil length from 285 to 385mm
(aperture from 80 to 115 mm)


JRF-MOI-PU Rogowski coil current transformer is accurate, flexible, rope style air coils that can be connected around conductors while the conductor is “live”. They are easier to install and measure than traditional split and solid core CT. With their flexible design and light weight, they are ideal for bus bars and irregular-shaped bundles of multiple conductors. The Rogowski coil technology offers low phase shift error, inductance and excellent linearity while largely immune to electromagnetic interference and pulsed DC, providing a high rate of accuracy. JRF-MOI-PU coils can be used in single and three-phase measurement applications. The output of the built-in voltage integrator provides an AC voltage of 333mV at the rated input current. There is an option to choose a different output voltage between 100-500mV AC at up to 6,000 Amps. The built-in integrator and DC power supply allows simple wiring installation. Multiple rogowski coils can be powered by one AC/DC power supply. Choose JRF-MOI-PUC if you require ties for fixing to the conductor.


JRF MOI XXXXPU-80,115 Series Rogowski Coil_dimensions

Accuracy Data

JRF MOI XXXXPU-80,115 Series Rogowski Coil_accuracy_data

Applications / Dimensions

JRF MOI XXXXPU-80,115 Series Rogowski Coil_dimensions

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