Power Quality Meter – PQ 6300
Power Quality Meter – PQ 6300_how_to_use


• 0.2% accuracy
• 0.5s Class per IEC62053-22
• Modbus RS485 or Ethernet


The PQ6300 series is a multifunctional digital Power Quality Meter that measures power and energy to perform power quality analysis, alarm, and data logging in real time. It also displays measurement data on high definition LCD and supports various means of network communication.

It measures voltage and current with 0.2% accuracy and meets 0.5S class of IEC62053-22 for electric power. Therefore, it is possible to precisely analyze and diagnose various problems in energy management and power facilities. Additionally, it measures all measurement parameters using standard RS485 or Ethernet communication with an optional port.

The PQ6300 can be equipped with optional modules on the back of the main body, which allows end-users to add extra functions they need at any time. Thanks to its flexible input-output configuration and user-friendly functions, it is the best solution to effectively monitor electric power and to control power distribution system.

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