JSC-01N-333mV Series – Split-Core Current Transformer
JSC-01N-333mV Series – Split-Core Current Transformer_how_to_use


• Switchgear
• Power Meters
• General Sets
• Control Pannels
• Distributed Measurement System


• High quality comprehensive measurement.
• Available in a wide range of transformer ratings
• Accuracy up to Class 0.5S


• Faster installation
• Cost effective
• Long product life


This model of the JSC-01N series of split-core current transformer by J&D provides a 333mV output based on the current provided at the source. The JSC-01N is designed for use with power meters, distribution systems, control panels, Switchgear as well as other equipment. The JSC-01N is ideal for distributed measurement systems and can be easily installed into existing installations, established buildings, and  non-interruptible equipment thanks to its split-core design. The split-core design allows the JSC-01N to be connected around the source without having to disconnect and reconnect the source wire. In addition, the JSC-01N has an over-voltage circuit installed which provides extra safety and reliability.

The JSC-01N-333 is a 0.5s Class CT.


• The contact surface of the core material has been waterproofed, it still may be susceptible to rust. Any rust can be removed with the use of WD-40 or CRC5-56 then the unit may be used as normal.
• When cleaning the core or housing, do not use any chemicals other than WD-40 or CRC5-56.
• CTs are available with custom lead lengths.


JSC-01N-333mV Series – Split-Core Current Transformer_dimensions

Accuracy Data

JSC-01N-333mV Series – Split-Core Current Transformer_accuracy_data

Applications / Dimensions

JSC-01N-333mV Series – Split-Core Current Transformer_dimensions

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