JC24F-333mV Series – Split Core Current Transformer
JC24F-333mV Series – Split Core Current Transformer_how_to_use


• Energy sub-meter
• Power meters
• power quality monitoring
• HVAC & Pumps, Etc.
• Distributed measurement system


• High accuracy : 1% from 10% to 120% of rated current
• Nylon-spring, output-terminal, secure locking hinge, one-touch structure makes easy to install to the existent equipment such as a power distribution boards
• Isolated plastic case recognized according to UL94-V0
• UL / EN 61010-1 certified


• Small-size, light-weight
• Simple Installation
• Over-Voltage protection circuit is installed.


The JC24F series of split-core current transformer offers a 333mV output. The JC24F can be connected directly to compatible sub-meters and don’t require sub-meters to include internal current transformers for accurate monitoring. This allows one meter to be used for various sources with differing currents by simply using different CTs. In addition, each individual CT includes an over-voltage protection circuit which is installed for added safety and reliability. The split-core design allows for easy installation in existing architecture.


• If you impact the core contact surface, internal core material could be damaged.
• Please use only the original output screws. Not recommended to replace it with anything else.
• Customizing output lead wire.


JC24F-333mV Series – Split Core Current Transformer_dimensions

Accuracy Data

JC24F-333mV Series – Split Core Current Transformer_accuracy_data

Applications / Dimensions

JC24F-333mV Series – Split Core Current Transformer_dimensions

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