J3CT075-A Series 3 in 1 Three-Phase Current Sensor


• 3 Phase measuring current transformers
• Ranges: 30 to 100A 100mA Secondary)
• Cable aperture: 3 @ 15.5 x 27mm
• RJ12 socket for use with our EASYMODULAR multi-channel meters
• Panel/DIN Rail Mounting


• Monitor Three-Phase power with one unit
• Compact size for limited space
• High accuracy
• Wide range of amperage ratings


J&D produces the J3CT line of 3 in 1 Solid Core current sensor for use in panels or on din rails. Offering four size options in both Voltage and Amperage versions, J&D provides options for a variety of applications. The four models and their differences can be seen here.
J3CT075-XXX-A with 3 15.5 X 27mm openings for 30 to 100A
All models come have the ability to be mounted inside a panel or on a DIN Rail.

Accuracy Data

J3CT075-A Series 3 in 1 Three-Phase Current Sensor_accuracy_data

Applications / Dimensions

J3CT075-A Series 3 in 1 Three-Phase Current Sensor_dimensions

Additional Information