JPS20 100mA AC Output
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◆ Measure AC line current in circuits up to 600 Vac and nominal currents up to 100 amps
◆ Ideal for use in High Performance Power Quality Monitoring (IEC 61000-4-30 Class A or S)
◆ Suitable for other power metering applications.


◆ Insulation Category:
CAT IV (service entrance): 600 Vac per IEC 61010-1
◆ Standard Accuracy (% of reading)
IEC Accuracy Class: IEC 61869-2 Class 0.2S or 0.5S US Accuracy Class: IEEE/ANSI C57.13, Class 0.3 or 0.6
◆ Standard Lead Length: 8 ft (2.4m) 18 AWG (Shielded cable option available)
◆ Bandwidth: 40Hz to 400Hz standard
◆ Operating Temperature: -40°C to 70°C
◆ Altitude: Up to 3000 meters, Pollution Degree 3, Humidity
up to 95% (non-condensing)
◆ Construction: Molded cases 120oC UL recognized plastic


◆ Easy to install with their split-core design
◆ Can be field-installed inside distribution and control equipment such as switchboards and panelboards, or used in equipment designed for MV / LV substations, power quality meters, energy meters, branch circuit meters, PV monitoring, motor quality diagnostics, traction and data center use, etc.


◆ Install in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 70, “National Electrical Code” (NEC). Follow all local electrical codes.
◆ Only qualified personnel or licensed electricians should install the current transformer (CT). Line voltages of 120 Vac to 600Vac can be lethal.
◆ Do not install CTs where they block ventilation openings.
◆ Do not install CTs in the area of breaker arc venting.
◆ The current transformer cannot measure direct current (DC), and excessive DC will degrade AC measuring accuracy.
◆ Electrical codes prohibit installation of CTs in equipment where they exceed 75% of the wiring space of any cross-sectional area.
◆ The PQ-CT lead wires are considered Class 1 wiring (as defined by the NEC) and must be installed accordingly. They are not suitable for Class 2 wiring methods and should not be connected to Class2 equipment.
◆ If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.
◆ Do not install the CT where it may be exposed to: temperatures below -40°C or above 70°C (-40°F to 158°F), excessive moisture, dust, salt spray, or other contamination.
◆ The PQ-CT may be damaged if dropped or subjected to impact. This can result in reduced accuracy.


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