Wireless Green Energy Meter

Wireless Green Energy Meter WI-GEM

Wireless Green Energy Meter

Wireless Green Energy Meter(Wi-GEM) adopts ZigBee solution for a wireless telecommunication. It is used for industrial application like factory, building automation and SCADA as well. Wi-GEM consists of the EMU(Energy Meter Unit), the EMR(Energy Meter Router), the EMC(Energy Meter Coordinator) and iSAST OPEN CTs such as split CTs or flexible Rogoski coils by customer need.

Customer can choose their power lines from single phase to 3P3W(2CT) / 3P4W for metering. It measures power energy consumption effectively in real time.
User can set up time to collect. After installation of one EMU, it sends its sensing data to EMR in each floor as wireless communication then EMR sends the data to EMC. Finally EMC talks to computer. Installation is very simple.

• Safe CT’s (current transformers), output 100mAac at rated current.
- Split core CTs for quick installation
- Clamp-On Flexible CT(Rogowski coil) & Bus Bar sized CTs
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