J&D Metering issue “DC Current Sensors for Revenue-Grade Metering”

January 21, 2019

J&D has analysed the three technologies described above and found a way to design an optimal DC current sensor that could be applied to DC electricity meters. For the design of a compact DC electricity meter with the lowest possible power consumption, the DC current sensor must have adequate reading accuracy with minimal power consumption.


J&D Showcases its new product at EUROPEAN UTILITY WEEK 2018 (#A.k40)

November 3, 2018

At European Utility Week 2018 in Vienna, on Nov 6 – 8, J&D is releasing its brand “JAGUAR IoT”, which is for the advanced AC and DC metering, to market for the first time.


J&D held seminar about PQ-CT at Prague, Czech

June 21, 2018

At PSL company, in Prague, Czech, J&D held a seminar about the latest technologies for High Performance Power Quality Monitoring CTs and Meters for Smart grid industry. With J&D’s partner company, Power Standards and J&D intoduced PSL’s PQube 3e series and J&D’s AC/DC Power quality Monitoring CT, PQ-CT.

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