March 14, 2017


The JRFS-RM series is an exciting addition to J&D’s existing product line-up, providing J&D’s customers with an easy-to-install alternative to the conventional high current revenue grade (rigid) split-core CT. The JRFS-RM series offers a wide range of rated current from 500A to 10,000A with four inner diameters sizes including 120mm, 190mm, 300mm or 500mm.

The dual air core achieves the revenue grade accuracy while maintaining the desirable feature of ultra-easy and fast installation. Due to the exible nature of the JRFS-RM Rogowski coil, it is perfect for large bus bars and irregularly shaped conductor bundles. In addition, its small pro le and light weight allow it to be used on conductors in tight spaces where rigid CTs simply won’t fit.

The JRFS-RM series supports the secondary output values of 333mVac as standard and 100mV/250mV as option. Additionally, it performs 0.2S and 0.5S class of accuracy as revenue grade, complying with IEC61869-2 and ANSI C57.13 standards. The JRFS-RM series’ applications are renewable energy power monitoring, electrical vehicle charging stations, distribution circuit metering, power quality metering, LV/MV substations, etc.
JRFS-RM series with the built-in integrator version also will be launched for simple and fast installation.

CTid option available for JPS and JRFS-RM

CTid is an option that identi es that a CT was installed correctly, on which port (on the meter) and the polarity. In addition, CTid also automatically shows amp rating, rated output as well as model information. When used with eGauge Energy Monitoring Meters, CTid facilitates an accurate installation as well as fast trouble-shooting if there are installation errors. CTid can be installed on J&D CT JPS series (JPS-ID version) and JRFS-RM series (JRFS-RM-ID version) as an option when being used along with eGauge Energy Meters.