May 9, 2015

J&D’s New Product will be launched at the upcoming trade show, EUW 2015 (#A.J07)

JMS series (Revenue grade split-core Current Transformer)

The integration of Revenue-grade CT operated smart meters at the consumer level has expanded significantly as a result of the implementation of the “Smart Grid” strategy. This rapid expansion has raised the issue of controlling installation costs in existing infrastructure.
As a cost saving solution, J&D has introduced the JMS series of Split-core, revenue metering (billing) CTs which are very easy to install and put into operation.
The JMS is ideal for retrofitting smart meters into existing installations and non-interruptible equipment. JMS series feature an innovative type of core material, enabling this product to be the first to offer high performance coupled with an attractive price. The core material used in the transformers is a new type of soft magnetic material with high permeability and cut-core.

1. Easy and fast installation by one-touch Split-core design. 2. Built-in protection circuit for the user safety. 3. The cut-core design minimizes air gaps.

1. Application : Electric Power Metering for Distribution transformers, Pole mounted switches, substation automation, … 2. Outdoor (IP65, IP67) or Indoor types 3. Primary current : 100A to 3,000A 4. Secondary current output : 1A, 5A 5. 0.5S, 1 Class of accuracy as Revenue-grade (compliance with IEC 61869-2) 6. (Option) Secondary output cable could be customized on request.

5. KEPID AMSTECH, a smart meter company in South Korea, installed the JMS series for CT operated smart meter solution in Myanmar. The project was very successful, once again proving J&D’s high performance and quality technology.

JCP, JRFS series (Revenue-grade Rogowski coil & Clamp-on Current Probe)
The issue that the portable equipment market has to resolve is how to improve quality and accuracy of portable test equipment.

As a high quality solution, J&D has introduced the JCP, JRFS series of Split-core, Revenue-grade Current Probes which are very easy to install and put into operation with one-handed opening and closing, even wearing gloves. They are ideal for portable test equipment and can be retrofitted into existing installations with non-interruptible equipment.

The JRFS series feature an innovative type of air core design, enabling this technology also to be the first to offer high performance coupled with an attractive price. The air core design used in the Rogowski Coil Current Sensor is a new type of precision winding with perfect shielding, allowing the accurate measurement at Revenue-grade in a flexible Current Probe.

1. The cut-core allows very small air gaps.
2. Innovate Type of spring technology, durability 30% up.
3. Outstanding linearity and very low phase angle error

1. Application : Power quality, smart meter portable test equipment 2. Wide current range up to 1,000A 3. Variety of secondary current : instantaneous mA, 333mv, 1V, 1A, 5A 4. Built-in protection circuit for the user safety

1. Specialized winding technology for the high precision measurement 2. Less influence of external magnetic field through perfect shielding technology 3. Use Silicone material for the housing to endure high temperature (up to 130℃) 4. With its flexible design, the JRFS series allows it to fit into tight spaces where rigid CTs won’t fit. 5. The optional holding device ensures the Rogowski coil is securely seated on busbars with a thickness of 10~15mm.

1. Wide range of input current up to 6,000A 2. ±1.0% of accuracy at 5~120% of rating current (Calibrated accuracy is 0.5S Class) 3. Voltage integrator is not included. 4. Complying with IEC 60044-8 5. (Option) Available an add-on part to secure the sensor to the conductor.

Recently, KEPCO, a power utility service company installed our JCP, JRFS series for power quality test equipment and smart meter portable test equipment in South Korea. It is one of the successful business cases and proven J&D’s high performance & quality technology.

Jaguar 2400 series

(A line of Power Quality combined Branch Circuit Power Meters)

A major issue for Branch Circuit Power Monitoring Market is how to improve Revenue-grade metering of power quality as well as provide a Branch Circuit Power Meter.

J&D, which is the provider of an industry-leading, Revenue-grade energy monitoring platform for high density power consumers, has announced the launch of Jaguar 2400 series. It is a 21 channel Branch Circuit Power Meter with three-phase power quality meter. Most of all, Jaguar 2400 series is the world’s first Branch Circuit Power Meter that combined power quality Revenue-grade metering with power quality monitoring. The Jaguar 2400 series has TOU (Time of Use), Data logger, Current leak detection and up to 63rd harmonics for the first time in the world. It improves upon the industry’s method of using a balanced three-phase power quality meter combined with a 21 channel Branch Circuit Power Meter.

The new version also removes complexity from Revenue-grade metering platforms, by enabling J&D’s customers to monitor all pieces of power equipment in a Data Center on one platform at equal to or better price points than competitors.

1. Revenue-grade power quality metering
2. Individual Harmonics: 2nd ~ 63rd (Voltage and Current)
3. Real time and Data logger capability.
4. Leakage current monitoring

(Standard) 24 channel for Main Power –Three-phase of 3 channels and Single-phase of 21 channels
(Optional) Combined module –Single-phase of 21 channels or Three-phase of 7 channels
2. Revenue-grade standard ANSI C12.20 class 0.5/1.0 and IEC 62053-22 class 0.5S/1.0 (Reading Scale)
3. External CTs for retrofit applications
4. Built-in Data logging for historical recording (LP)
5. Built-in Modbus RTU protocol data communication via RS485
6. Built-in Modbus TCP protocol data communication via Ethernet

Our Revenue-grade meter requires Revenue-grade Split-core CTs.
Pair it with our compact typ e high precision Split-core CT.