January 7, 2018

J&D SHOWCASES OUR PRODUCTS AT CES 2018 (Tech East, LVCC, Design&Source , 62025)

At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, on January 9 ~ 12, J&D is introducing the new IoT Metering solution, including CSSM and GCM.


We display CSSM, GCM, Wiress Self-Power Enocean CTs, new MultI-GEM 12 channel wifi version, EV quick DC charging module.

In particular, CSSM,GCM is a new product. CSSM represents ” Current sensor Smart Meter ” and is split core CT with built-in full smart meter. It also enables the diverse choice of communication methods through the GCM.

Wiress Self-Power EnOcean CTs is CTid code identification that monitor the operational costs of each appliance day by day and no batteries to replace ,measure current , wireless communications.

Multi-GEM WiFi version is a remarkable product because it can measure and monitor several different electricity currents simultaneously and installed easily for apartments or multi-household house.

And EV quick DCcharging 10KW module is level 3 .


As shown above, we display various products.J&D hope you can come and see our booth.I’ll look forward to your coming to our booth (Tech East, LVCC, Design&Source , 62025)

Free visitor Ticket for customers at CES 2018

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We look forward to meeting you at the showcase. Let’s get together and talk to any question!