March 22, 2018

AT Global Electric Power Tech 2018, J&D NEW Products will be launched


Recently, J&D launched new voltage sensors and current sensors for DC Power measuring.

The new J&D voltage sensors are designed for measuring DC power at high voltage line.  It is availabe to measure from 1000V to 3000V, and we plan to release 5000V DC sensor in September 2018.

The new J&D voltage sensors can have the stable measurements by performing the perfect insulation on primary and secondary. The new J&D current sensors are designed for measuring DC power at high current. It is available to measure from 1000A to 8000A, and we plan to release 20000A DC sensor in December 2018. For fast installation at the existing installation line and new installation line, it is designed as Split- core type.

Also, it succeeded to have minimum positioning error which occurs based on the position of conductor in the CT’s window. J&D patented this amazing technology.

Currently, J&D expands the business range in South Korea, to sell these new sensors along with power meters from global partners: Accuenergy’s DC power meter AcuDC240 series, eGauge’s multi- channel DC energy meter – eGauge pro, and Power standards’ power quality meter PQube 3 series.

Lately, the new J&D current sensors and voltage sensors have been certified the safety standards, EN61010-1.

At Global Electric Power Tech 2018 exhibition (, J&D will announce these DC power measuring solution as the main subject of seminar for Renewable AC/DC power energy measuring.