February 23, 2018

J&D NEW Products will be launched at the upcoming Tradeshow, World Smart Energy Week 2018 (#E6-11), APEC 2018 (#1722), Globalcon 2018 (#816)


 JAGUAR series Power Quality & Energy Meter
J&D updates JAGUAR 6300S, Power quality meter complying with IEC61000-4-30 Class S accuracy, which is for power quality monitoring and power management.

Also, J&D announces the economic power energy meter, JAGUAR 6300E newly. Both models would be available to measure and analyze the electrical data in real-time, and measure the harmonics up to 63rd.

For DC power & energy, J&D succeed to develop JAGUAR 1000D, which can use for metering application such in Solar Arrays, Vehicle Charging, Wind turbines.

J&D also offers the high precision current sensors optimized for using JAGUAR series.
For JAGUAR 6300S and JAGUAR 6300E, our PQ-CT JPS series, PQ-RoCoil JRFS series and other Split-core current sensors are recommended. For JAGUAR 1000D, the users can consider to use J&D Split-core DC current sensors and DC voltage sensor.

1AM, First advanced metering system: Current Sensor Smart Meter (CSSM) and Gateway-converter Module (GCM)
J&D introduces Current Sensor Smart Meter (CSSM) and Gateway-converter Module (GCM). CSSM and GCM are the best solution for Wireless metering application, it is flexible to accommodate in the various circumstances.
CSSM uses hall effect technology to measure AC or DC current. Using RS485 connection, multiple CSSM can be connected to max 32 unit through 2 RJ ports. This feature makes the simple and easy wiring in the existing distribution panel.
GCM offers the various types of wireless communication as option module. Upon request, it is available to have LTE / LoRa / Wi-SUN or Wi-Fi communication.
Because CSSM and GCM have the metering IC inside, both products can be used as energy meter solely.