March 14, 2017


Advanced engineers of revenue grade smart metering systems are concerned with choosing the best split core current transformers (CTs) that provide high quality measurement, without having to disconnect power during installation. Additionally, engineers want to avoid problems with CTs pertaining to temperature change, vibration, shock and position error, while at the same time paying attention to the new installation safety requirements (UL2808).

J&D has two high tech CTs available to solve these concerns. The JPS revenue grade split core CT has a nickel core and specially designed housing to provide and maintain high accuracy reading. The new JRFS is a revenue grade Rogowski coil that uses dual air cores to achieve high accuracy. Here, we introduce the individual features of the JPS and JRFS-RM lines to provide the best CT solution for engineers of revenue grade smart metering systems.

JPS series revenue grade split core CTs
The JPS series offers a wide range of rated current from 5A to 1,600A withinner diameters of 10mm, 20mm, 33mm and 52mm. The JPS series has a nickel core which is one of the best materials for high accuracy measurement relative to phase shift and ratio error. However, having a nickel core is not the only factor to in uence accuracy.

The JPS series of CTs solves issues with the ‘air gap’ between the two nickel (split) cores which can change over time due to temperature variations, vibration, imprecision, and assembly. The JPS design takes into account the nickel core’s physical properties as well as the housing material to not achieve. The housing material is selected to maintain the tight closure and eliminate attention to detail results in a long term, high accuracy split core CT installation.

The JPS series supports the various secondary output values of 100mV, 250mV, 300mV, 500mV, 1Vac and 50mA, 100mA, 1A or 5Aac. Additionally, it performs 0.2S and 0.5S class of accuracy as revenue grade, complying with IEC61869-2 and ANSI C57.13 standards. The JPS series’ applications are renewable energy power monitoring, electrical vehicle charging stations, distribution circuit metering, power quality metering, LV/MV substations, etc.

With using hall effect sensor technology, the other version of the JPS series for measuring DC current also will be launched in addition to AC current.