May 9, 2016

High precision current transformer for revenue grade electric power metering

J&D JPS series’ innovative split-core design is easy-install, enabling users to install the CT safely, even while wearing gloves. The
JPS series line of CTs are ANSI C57.13, IEC61869-2-compliant, holding their high accuracy Class 0.2S, 0.5S.
The JPS series currently includes five models. The JPS10, JPS20, JPS33, JPS52, JPS62 feature a compact design that provides superi-
or accuracy for loads up to 2400A and will fit parallel feeds up to 2500 kcmil while complying with ANSI C12 requirements.
Featuring a safe voltage 100mV, 250mV, 333mV, 500mV, 1V, 3V AC output, and 50mA, 80mA, 0.1A, 1A, 5A AC output, the JPS series
are an ideal companion to Revenue Grade Energy Meter, Power Quality Meter for Revenue Grade Electric Power Metering applica-
They are classified as PICQ7 for direct installation under UL/EN61010-1. These are Measurement Category CAT IV 600V (Pollution Degree 3 – Double Insulation) current transformers for building installations over insulated or bare conductors.