September 19, 2017

Advanced AC/DC power monitoring system for train – JAGUAR 2000 and JHAO-SD series

The high AC energy, supplied from Power utility company, is converted to the lower DC or AC energy to be used for trains or stations. With the existing power monitoring system of Railroad Industry, it was required to install different types of electric meters for each measuring point. Therefore, there has been market demand for advanced power monitoring which enables to calculate the accurate electricity bills and diagnose the condition of entire system, by measuring power factor.

In order to meet the needs in railroad Industry, J&D has developed the AC/DC meter JAGUAR 2000 as a joint work with Mars-Energo, the leading instrument manufacturer in Russia. JAGUAR 2000 can measure AC and DC at the same time, without using any external equipment. It helps power utility companies save time and cost when installing and implementing the meters in their railway systems.

In addition, J&D has launched Split-core AC/DC CT, JHAO-SD series as an optimized accessory for JAGUAR 2000. Since JHAO-SD series applies the Hall effect technology, it can directly measure AC or DC current without any external equipment or setting. Furthermore, its split-core type structure enables easy installation on the existing power lines. J&D also has a patent regarding minimization of position errors for JHAO-SD series.

As a next-generation railway power monitoring system, JAGUAR 2000 and JHAO-SD series are being implemented for test operation in South Korea and Russia.