November 7, 2019

2019 New product launched! PQ-RoCoil® JRFS-R series


Glad to inform that J&D launched the new innovative Rogowski coil CT, PQ-RoCoil® JRFS-R series.

The JRFS-R series is a flexible Rogowski coil which can install into narrow or uneven space fast and safe. Also it can mount on the busbar with using additional mounting accessory.

Most noticeable feature is, the JRFS-R series can be sealed with fulfilling metering standards.


The JRFS-R series will be exhibited at European Utility Week 2019

We uploaded a video how to install this new Rogowski coil CT, PQ-RoCoil® JRFS-R series on YouTube.

Find and discover the new innovation from J&D!


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