Smart industrial applications are increasing its importance in order to save energy and cost.
Smart Industrial applications are controlled by power loss and accurate regulation of electronic parameters such as current, voltage and power. J&D uses innovative technologies to ensure the high degree of reliability and safety that our customers’ require.
J&D offers a comprehensive range of accurate, reliable and galvanically isolated devices to measure AC/DC current from 10mA to 30,000A and AC/DC voltage from 10V to 3,000V by acrossing wide range of technologies.
J&D CTs are UL/CE marked in recognition of their electromagnetic compatibility and compliance to Safety standards.

Typical applications include:
• Power supplies for welding, medical, Elevators
• Servo motor drives & Inverters
• Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) • PV monitoring
• Pumps & fans control/monitoring
• Traction & Trackside
• Converters, recti ers
• Solar / Photovoltaics